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  • How to Ensure Happy Customers as an Architect

    3rd Oct 2019 by

    Client satisfaction is everything.  During our training as architects, a lot of emphasis is placed on the skills needed for design as well as a solid understanding of different building techniques. Talking to several architects, it is clear that many of us learn a hard lesson when it comes to dealing with customers. People not only want good designs that… Read more

  • Rotterdam: Stronger Through Struggle

    19th Sep 2019 by

    Europe has its fair share of stunning cities. I’m thinking Prague, Paris, Florence, Bruges, Rome, Oxford, Tallinn, Venice, Bern, Copenhagen, Budapest, Barcelona…we really could go on for a while. They are all different, but also equally breathtaking. Rotterdam, the Netherlands’s second city and a giant port is not one you would place in that list. If… Read more

  • What’s the latest on the Notre Dame in Paris?

    14th Sep 2019 by

    15 April 2019.  Fire.  Exactly who is responsible for the Notre Dame fire is an ongoing investigation. One that will take a long time, because some serious finger-pointing is going on as we speak. Word is that a guard was sent up to check as soon as the fire alarm went off. He reported back that it… Read more

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